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Vertigo (Primal Rage AU)

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Name:Vertigo (AU)
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((Text in this lyrical banner is (c) Copyright Breaking Benjamin, 2009))

This fearsome looking creature is a prehistoric goddess/sorceress from multiple dimensions. She has conquered at least a hundred of them; some numbers of her slaves and warriors being human, while others are other various types of sentient creatures.

As she has definitely known the way humans are in general, she's had years and years of experience to near perfecting an act of pretending to be on someone's side. Vertigo would appear to be empathetic and say whatever you may want to hear, to at least get your attention. It's all an act.

As she is immensely powerful, she must rely on her talents of deception and manipulation to limit her use of dark arcane magic. Her most powerful spell, brainwashing someone, exhausts her, draining a large quantity of her energy just after it is complete.

Vertigo will go forth and do what she feels must be done to conquer a world, or conquer you. Making deals with her is basically making deals with the devil himself.

She is both half Opportunistic Schemer and half Basket Case. At times, she could flip from one side of the proverbial side of the coin to the other. More so when she's in a REALLY bad mood.

[[RP account. For non-profit entertainment uses only.]]

Interests (10):

conquering the interesting worlds, dark magic, gloating about myself, humans, my steed majesty, riddles, serpents, souls, the nexus, various minds of creatures
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